Place Your Film + Order Form in a Zip-Close Bag

Liquids can be surprisingly harmful to unprocessed film. A plastic zip-close bag gives added peace of mind and protects your investment.

Use a Box + Cushioning (Seriously)

We have seen more than one roll of film lost into the postal abyss because it was sent in a flimsy envelope. Don’t be that guy. A box + plenty of cushioning (combined with a zip-close bag + tracking) is a simple way to ensure your film’s safe journey.

Get a Tracking Number

Your film is precious cargo! We highly recommend you send it to us via a trackable method to ensure it arrives safely.

Sending In More Than One Shoot?

No problem! Please fill out one order form per shoot. Separate each shoot into its own zip-close bag and include the corresponding order form inside.

How Do I Get My Negatives Back?

We take the utmost care with your film! Negatives will be carefully cut, sleeved and organized. If your rolls are numbered (which we encourage all photographers to do) they will also be kept in numerical order.

Where Do I Send My Film?

Send the package to:

Sagrada Película
Rua do Casal, n.º 30
3740-270 Sever do Vouga

Still Have questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!