Film development tailored to you in the highest quality.

In our lab, all film processing is done by hand in small batches using fresh chemistry.


We are currently able to reveal the following formats:

Processing equipment

We use a combination of manual tanks with spirals, minilab and JOBO automatic processors.


The minilab is used for the standard C41 process.

JOBO Autolab

The Jobo ATL are renowned pieces of German engineering that provide temperature-controlled, precise and cost-effective rotary processing.

These processors are used with the C41, ECN2, E6 and B&W processes and allow to develop film from 110 to large format such as 4×5” or 8×10”.

Unlike minlabs, which require constant film production to make use of large amounts of chemistry; these machines use enough chemistry for each roll, with a one shot philosophy that guarantees consistency of results.-

So, depending on the service, we can fully tailor processing time, development characteristics and chemistry for your individual film, maintaining the highest standards and repeatable results.

Chemistry and processes:


Using Fuji chemistry in the minilab, or professional line Tetenal in the rotary processor.


Choose from a variety of developers including HC-110, Rodinal, XTOL or PMK, tailored to film type and service.

B&W Reversal

For black-and-white films with a high silver content and a transparent base, the Klaus Wehner kit is used.


Kodak Vision / Fuji Eterna films processed in Kodak ECN-2 process chemistry – no C41 cross-processing which typically leads to color shifts and high contrast.

E6 (Slide):

Using Tetenal chemistry to ensure beautiful color, stability and consistency.