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Our team has years of experience developing film. For C-41 we use Fujifilm chemistry in a minilab top of the line. For b&w process we use HC-110 at varying dilutions, where each film is developed individually: sometimes by hand, others in a JOBO automatic processor.

In either case, all films are treated with love, even those that have already expired.


For digitizing your films we mainly use the Fuji Frontier SP3000. Surely you may have read somewhere how the scanner renders the colors of modern kodak films. Yep, the scanner is amazing!

The smaller resolution is suitable for internet sharing or printing up to 20 × 30cm, while at higher resolution it is possible to print 45x30cm photos.

We also have a Hasselblad Imacom scanner, which we use for the most demanding jobs.

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One of the things we have always advocated in the Sacred Film is the printing of photographs, whether with traditional magnifier or inkjet machines.

We are now able to also offer printing of your photos.

We make the highest quality photographic prints with Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme Paper, on glossy or matte paper, you choose.