We currently process C-41 color negative film, E6 slide film and Black + White negative film. We can process most film sizes ranging from 135 roll film up to 8×10”.

Process + Scan

Every roll of film is scanned by hand on the renowned Fuji Frontier SP3000 , an excellent tools to help you reach your vision.

C-41 / BW
E-6 / ECN-2

Process Only

Sometimes you only need the bare essentials. When that’s the case, our Develop Only service is the choice for you. Your film will be developed with the utmost care before being sleeved. Receive your film boxed and cut or uncut.

C-415 €5 €10 €5 €9 €
B&W5 €5 €10 €5 €16 €
E-68 €8 €16 €6 €11 €
ECN-28 €8 €
Push / Pull *1 € / stop1 € / stop1 € / stop1 € / stop1 € / stop
* Additional per roll
Special ServicesPrice
Slide development and frame mounting14€
Develop b&w reversal**15€
Develop Adox CMS 20 with Adotech**10€

**subject to a minimum number of films, send an email to lab@sagradapelicula.com to know the service forecast.

Rush Fee
1 day10€/roll
2 days6€/roll
4 days3€/roll
Processing time
1 – 55 days
5 – 156 days
+157 days

Black & White Film Processing

By default, we develop your film with Kodak’s XTOL, however, we have other developers that can be used:

Scan Cut Negatives

Need previously processed and cut film scanned? Not a problem!

Fuji Frontier SP30000.50€/frame
Hasselblad Imacon5€/frame*

Scan Resolutions

Film sizeMLXL
Ficheiros com perfil de cor RGB sem correções. Tamanho M e L entregues em jpg, XL entregue em bmp


In addition to developing and scanning we also make the highest quality photo prints with Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme, all at a great price!

10×150,50 €*
15×201,80 €
20×253 €
20×303 €
30×409,90 €
30×459,90 €
40×5018 €
40×6018 €
50×7022 €
* descontos disponíveis para quantidade

Return Shipping

We take the utmost care with your film! Negatives will be carefully cut, sleeved and organized.

If your rolls are numbered (which we encourage all photographers to do) they will also be kept in numerical order.

We can return your negatives at the end of the year or earlier by paying the respective shipping. It should be less than 10€.


Are you looking for something and can’t find it? Do you have an exotic roll and want to develop with a specific developer? No problem, we can offer a custom solution to your requirements. Send an email to lab@sagradapelicula.com.