New here?

Welcome! We are excited to work together.

Why the Sagrada Pelicula Film Lab?

Because we are passionate about analog photography. Here your rolls will be treated with love since they arrive until they are shipped back. We probably have more rolls in the fridge than vegetables…

How does the Sagrada Película Film Lab work?

The customer must fill out the form and send the films to our lab, we review the order and send the corresponding invoice. After receiving the payment we start the work and depending on customer preferences, we return the negatives or scan and send the files. A platform for file management will be used and it is the client’s sole responsibility to download them.

Which scanners do you use?

Every roll of film is scanned by hand on the renowned Fuji Frontier SP3000 or Hasselbad Imacon, depending on the format.

How large are your scans?

We offer three scan sizes: small, normal and large. In general, small scans are great for all general work and print up to 20x30cm.

Size M L XL
35mm 3637×2433 4547×3047 5444×3649
6×4,5 3035×2279 4228×3165 4847×3647
6×6 2456×2456 3035×3035 3637×3637
6×7 2433×3035 3035×3637 3649×4547
Minor variations are normal.

What is your response time?

Response times varies by season, but usually 5 working days after payment confirmed.

How can I pay?

By bank transfer or paypal (add 4%).

What are your prices?

See our Film Service Pricing.

How do I get my scans?

When the work is completed, it will be uploaded to an online platform where files are available for 5 days.

How do I recover my negatives?

We take the utmost care with your movie! Negatives will be carefully cut, archived and organized. If your rolls are numbered (which we encourage all photographers to do), they will also be kept in numerical order. We may return your negatives at the end of the year or earlier upon payment of the respective postage.

Do you offer push / pull processing?

Yes, we can push / pull movie up to 3 stops. Please write in the order form whether the film needs to be pushed or pulled by how many stops and clearly identify the roll in question. Push / pull processing has an extra € 1 per stop per roll.

How do you process Ilford Delta 3200?

We process Delta 3200 at 3200 unless you indicate otherwise.

Do you process slides?

Yes, If we have a number that justifies it.

Do you offer cross process?


What formats do you process?

In black and white developing we can develop from 35mm to 8×10″. In C-41 we process 35mm and medium format. We can process slides and other color film formats if the order is big enough.

Do you accept specific jobs for example, revealing a Tri-X roll with 2 stops pushed XTOL?

Yes, we can make custom jobs with developers of your choice, but it’s a situation that will needs to be budgeted.

Do you have another question besides these?

No problem, email us at